The Blogging Experience 2.0

For starters, I have always wanted to do some time of creative work with media. This class gave me the tools and opportunities to dabble in the blogging world! Without any questions, each lesson was beneficial and will only help me continue towards my career in communications.

As far as effectiveness goes, this course was fast-paced and online and I think its natural to have desired more time to absorb each module more thoroughly. However, that is the nature of all summer courses and those aspects are somewhat out of one’s control. Each lesson was very interesting and engaging! Not to mention had some really neat articles, like the 5 Awesome Wearable Trends!

Personally, I feel that the introduction to coding and html was the most intriguing and professionally promising. I know that digital media is such a large contributor to all communication fields, and coding will only get you a head of the game. I really hope to take what I’ve learned and gain more opportunities to build on and perfect new capabilities.

Hey Batter, Batter, Sw..Tweet?

I’ll be 100% honest when I say that sitting and watching baseball can put straight to sleep… unless I’m at the actual stadium. As a former Houstonian, I am legally bound to cheer on the Astros! With playoffs right around the corner, Ive started to notice my lack of support. I have no desires to voluntarily turn on the TV, nor drive to Houston and enjoy a stadium view. This is can be problematic; however, San Marcos comes in with a solution!

#Sundayfunday will be a great on on August 16th! Not only will you get to hitch a ride down to Houston, but you get food/beverage credit and enjoy and nice #astros baseball game.

Thanks to @smtxCS, this little bit of insight has helped me plan for a nice little baseball Sunday with friends! Oh, and save gas money!

Quick Updates on Quick Specials

Facebook is the Golden God of published events and specials! Which is exactly why you should Like San MerrimentTX on Facebook! This way you can view Daily specials and events that are happening in and around San Marcos. I will share publishing from local places and pass along information that comes my way. My goal is to save you a little money and help you find your next favorite “happy place”!

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Three Dudes Winery: 1st FREE Friday.

My favorite things in life could be chalked up to anything FREE! San Marcos is home to Three Dudes Winery, one of the many wineries in the hill country. So no need to make a trip to Austin or Wimberley, you can wine down and enjoy beautiful views in your own backyard (figuratively speaking).

ThreeDudesLets talk about what makes this place so much better than the rest! On the first Friday of each month there will be ZERO cover charge, LIVE music and FREE hotdogs from 6pm-9pm. Friday’s are already the greatest day of the week, but this specific Friday really changes the game.

Check out their Facebook page for more updated events and announcements!

Picasso, Who?

I’m sure that most of you have heard of or even attended a BYOB painting class. From experience, it was super motivating to learned that even the artistically challenged can make pretty things too. Even though it was broken down and taught in a very simple manner…I still paid $50 for something I could have YouTube’d.

However, I can honestly say that all of that didn’t matter because painting, wine and girlfriends..well, that combination is PURE GENIUS. There is a fairly new B.Y.O.B in our little San Marvelous area, Personal Picasso, that is actually very well priced. They even love us so much that they are currently giving all new painters $10 off their first piece; with that being said, you are looking at paying a min of $25 for your first event! Ah-mazing!

So grab your girlfriends (or significant other) and split a bottle or two…and who knows, you may be the next MOMA exhibit.